Why we love handbags… (And we think you should too!)

Well it goes without saying that we love Handbags around here!  But, what is this fascination with girls and their bags!

From a young age, us girls have shown a love for bags.. starting out with dressing up with our mother’s large holdall.  Filling them up with our own belongings.. perhaps this is where our love of oversized totes stems from 😉

So what is it about our handbags that keeps them so close to our hearts?   Believe it or not, the earliest evidence of a ladies handbag is believed to date back approximately 700 years ago.  A beautiful metal case, much like a clutch bag was discovered in Northern Iraq.

700-year-old bag originates from the city of Mosul       oldest side image

From this evidence of a ladies clutch dating back to the 1300’s, I think we can all safely agree that its one of the oldest traditions which as been passed down through the years.  While we all know the practical uses of a bag, to carry our possessions and keep them safe, it would appear that even 700 years ago the important factors for making this bag were design, style & decoration.  This bag is so delicately decorated, with stunning workmanship, it is a masterpiece of metal workmanship.  It was something the wearer could show off and be proud of.

oldest detailimage

So for generations, ladies have carried handbags and for generations these bags have been designed to be admired by many. Its not surprising, that us girls want a bag that says something about our own style and personality.  Through the years, we’ve seen bags made with tweed, linen, leather, handbags embellished with beads, rhinestones, studs, embroidery, sequins and more.  Fashions have come and gone and come back around again.  Ladies handbags have become a practical but beautiful must have accessory.  They can transform any outfit!

Whether your favourite bag is sleek and structured like our Madison Tote or flash & edgy like our Gothica Clutch, we get it!  We understand the importance of a good bag.  We love our bags here in Designed 4 You and more importantly, we love designing our bags to suit you!

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