Why choose an Heirloom Bouquet?…

Bridal Brooch Bouquet handmade, Ivory & Pink Roses

Well our brand new website is here, just in time for Designed 4 You’s upcoming 2nd birthday!!

And with our new website, we are absolutely delighted to bring you some fantastic new products too.  We are now thrilled to announce the arrival of our Bridal Heirloom Bouquets to the Designed 4 You’s product range.  We have admired heirloom bouquets for quite a while now and it was only a matter of time before we got to add them to our Bridal range of products.

Bridal Heirloom Bouquets are handmade specially for each bride.  They are fast becoming the popular choice for Irish Brides.  So why are so many brides deciding to go for Heirloom bouquets over fresh flower bouquets?  Well here are just a few reasons why we think these stunning bouquets are topping the bridal shopping list…

Design:   Heirloom Bouquets give each bride the chance to be involved in the design of their wedding bouquet. We use only the best in artificial and foam flowers, along with dazzling rhinestone brooches which will add a touch of sparkle to your wedding attire.

Sentiment:  Brides can add their own brooches or we can supply them for you.  If you have a brooch which is in your family for many years, we can add it to your bouquet for you.  Many brides also opt for the chance to add a photo of a loved one to their bouquet, in the form of a little brooch framed photo.  We can do this for you upon request.

Colours:  Rhinestone brooches and our flowers and satin roses are available in a range of colours, allowing us to create the prefect bouquet for your wedding theme.

Travel:  Bridal Brooch bouquets are ideal for any bride who is travelling to be married.  Your bouquet is wrapped up and boxed for you, meaning you can bring it anywhere with you.  No need to order from florists in other countries if travelling abroad to be married!!

Family:  With a bridal brooch bouquet, you now can start your own heirloom piece which can be passed down through the generations.  After your wedding day, why not keep your bouquet in a nice glass display until the next family wedding!

And last on our list of reasons today… Bridal brooch bouquets quite simply add beautiful sparkle and elegance for any Bride.

If you’d like a brooch bouquet designed for you, please contact us today!!

We also have 2 standard bouquets available in our shop which can be customised for you.


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