The Brave Decision to have Kids at your Wedding…….

Children at Wedding
For some couples this is the easiest decision in the world. You want all your loved ones involved in your special day and therefore, including your nieces, nephews or perhaps your own children – is a given!
Whatever the thought process behind it, deciding to have them present on your big day needs a bit of additional planning and thinking outside the box, to guarantee a fun and stress free day for all!
What do we think?,,,,, Well nowadays there are so many options for couples with children’s entertainers and wedding babysitting services.  We think that easiest solution is to source a Children’s Entertainment Provider that is fully insured for a set length of time, at a time of maximum benefit to your Reception dinner.  A great idea is to have the children fed before the adults.  That way they can start the entertainment when all adult guests start eating. The parents get to enjoy their meal in peace – knowing the kids are fed and safe.  A win win and some definite kudos to the wedding couple! 😉
Well we have come across something novel and unique that will offer a Wow factor for kids and Adults alike.. Check out  “Electric Zoo.”  They provide battery operated electronic animals that the kids can drive! They travel at approximately 5km p/h – so fast enough to be exciting but not too fast, so kids from 3 years of age up can safely enjoy them!  They are plush and cuddly and extremely tactile! Kids of all ages just fall in love with them! They can also provide some of the quirkiest wedding photo opportunities of the day!
electric zoo
All packages from Electric Zoo include a staff member. They take care of fair turn taking and allow the adult guests some time out! Now what more could you ask for folks!!!!  Electric Zoo have many packages to suit all budgets and can include additional party games, Balloon modelling and a fun personalised photo cartoon cut out! The additional games can be handy to keep the fun flowing in between turn taking on the animals – who are always the stars of the show!
The also provide a smooth flat floor surface if the designated entertainment area is carpeted. Or indeed, if you wish to have the kids entertained outside, the floor can be laid on grass and a Marquee can be provided also!
Providing a really different, fun, party entertainer for your youngest guests can also provide you with a valuable bargaining tool!!  By giving the Kids a few hours of serious fun entertainment, how could they possibly refuse heading back to their rooms at bed time!?  Exhausted from laughing and driving the unique Electric Zoo animals – the kids will be ready to fall into bed – leaving the Adults to dance and party the night away!!
wedding party
Lets not forget those kudos….. The next day,  Adults and children alike will still be talking about the fun they had and your status as the Best Mother/Aunty/Sister/Friend…. will have increased 100%!!!
electric zoo1