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Interesting facts on the history of a bridal bouquet!!

While I sat here pondering about interesting blog posts and all things wedding related, I was flicking through some photos of our bridal heirloom bouquets and a thought struck me…..why on earth do we carry bridal bouquets anyway?!  And sure enough… I found myself on google reading article after article on bridal bouquets and wedding dress styles… here […]

Why choose an Heirloom Bouquet?…

Well our brand new website is here, just in time for Designed 4 You’s upcoming 2nd birthday!! And with our new website, we are absolutely delighted to bring you some fantastic new products too.  We are now thrilled to announce the arrival of our Bridal Heirloom Bouquets to the Designed 4 You’s product range.  We have admired heirloom bouquets […]