Choosing your Hen Party Activity

When you are going on a hen party these days an activity of some sorts is a must! The classy route is definitely the way to go when organising the hen party activity. More often than not everyone going won’t know everyone else so a hen party activity is the best way to let everyone get to know each other while keeping a fun and classy vibe.


There are an endless range of activities out there for groups to choose from these days. It is important however that the person organising the hen considers what the bride to be likes, is she outdoorsy, girly etc.?  No matter what the personality of the bride to be is, there is a classy activity out there to suit.

There are so many options for those organising the hen to choose from. A hen party activity that has to be considered if you are having a vintage, rustic or classy theme is Afternoon Tea.  Afternoon Tea is exactly what it says on the tin.  You can enjoy some fancy sandwiches and cake while washing it down with your favourite brew. This activity can be done in almost any hotel and can also be arranged if you are going down the self-catering route.

If the bride to be wants that outdoor experience but wants a bit of glamour too (and who doesn’t!), then Glamping is the way to go!  Glamping gives the group a relaxed atmosphere in luxurious surroundings. This is perfect for the bride not looking for a mad night on the town but more of a night relaxing with her closest friends.

There are the old reliable hen party activities out there as well, like a cocktail class, a dance class or a spa package. All of which scream class and glamour!  If budget is not an issue why not combine a few different activities together to create a hen party that will definitely be remembered by all.  If you are looking for a hen planner The Fancy Hen has a huge list of fantastic activities to choose from whether its luxury, outdoor or a theme The Fancy Hen has them all!