Be Charmed on Your Hen Night!

So the wedding is booked and you are in full swing of planning and organising!  Amidst all the excitement of the wedding, let’s not forget the party plans for your big Hen night!  As with the wedding, everyone likes to have something a little different for their big night out on the town!

These chic little wine glass charms are the perfect little ice breaker!  Adding a touch of personalisation to any night with friends! These personalised wine glass charms are the perfect party accessory which will have all the girls talking!  Choose from our sweet Heart charms engraved with “Hen Party” or have each hen party member’s name added to a charm for their personal wine glass charm, making them a perfect keepsake.


These wine glass charms are handmade to order allowing you to choose any bead colour for the charms so that they match the hen party theme colour.

Wine Glass Charms made In Ireland, personalised

Even after your Hen party escapades, the wine glass charms are a stylish addition to wine glasses for any occasion.  When your wedding day comes around, you might like to consider elegant pearl and stardust bead wine glass charms for your top table.  The Heart charms come readily engraved for your wedding party and family members e.g. Bride, Groom, Chief Bridesmaid, Best Man etc. Using personalised glass charms as wedding favours on your wedding day, allows you to also double up as name place settings at your wedding dinner service!

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Wine Glass Charms personalised wedding Ireland