A day at the Races?…

If you are heading the Races over the next few weeks or months, I suggest that you check out this fantastic photo-shoot over on Bec Boop’s Blog page.  This Photo-shoot was styled by Rebecca Casserly, the author of Bec Boop Blog, and created for Keel Magazine.  We were surprised and quite frankly, absolutely thrilled to see our Gothica Clutch making an appearance.

This clutch was designed especially for Rebecca last year – you can read Rebecca’s blog on the design here!  Photo below of Rebecca with the Gothica Clutch in 2014.

We are delighted to see that Rebecca is still using her Eiffel Tower Gothica Clutch and we think it looks absolutely stunning with this gorgeous red dress from Harper Boutique.

You can check out all photos and styling tips from Rebecca right here!

I can’t wait to get a copy of Keel Magazine now! 😉

Cover Photo by Sweet Memories



Gothica Skull Clutch, Handmade in ireland