5 tips for ordering your bespoke bag!

We’ve all been there…..  You went out and bought a dress for an upcoming event – happy days!  That’s me sorted, you say to yourself as you head off home with your new guna … Then you find yourself back at the shops trailing store after store for accessories to match.  Its proving more difficult to match up your accessories than you originally anticipated!!  Yes it happens to us all at some point!   Well… not anymore, this is where we can help you!!

From the comfort of your own home, you can choose a bag in any colour to match any outfit.  You even get to choose the size and style of this new bag… Now what more can a girl ask for!!

So here’s our top tips for ordering a customised clutch bag to match any outfit:

  1. Take a photo of the dress/outfit or shoes that you are trying to match your new bag to.
    • A photo really helps not only to show us the colour of the dress/outfit but also so we can see the style of look you are going for.  We can then help you choose a style of bag that will compliment your outfit. If you have ordered a dress online, you can also send us the link to the site.
  2. Take a glance at our different styles and bags
    • Looking at the different shapes and styles of bags that we offer will help you decide what you really want in a bag.  You will also find some inspiration as the whole look of a bag can be altered with different trims or brooches added.  Check out our galleries here!
  3. Let us know when you need it by.  
    • All our products are handmade to order.  Therefore, we will need a bit of time to do some research on fabrics and supplies for your custom made clutch.  If we don’t have matching fabrics in stock, we will then order materials in specifically for your bag .  Once all materials are to hand, we will begin constructing your bag for you.  If you have an upcoming event, please do let us know so that we can make sure that your bag is designed with you and made in good time.  We also like to use this date to prioritise orders so that we can make bags for everyone, even if the timeline is tight!  So fear not if your have just found our website and your event is coming up fast.  Contact us and if we will do our best to design a bag for you, even at short notice!
  4. Want to use your own fabric?
    • No problem at all!  We can make bags from your fabric too.  The style of bag may be determined by the fabric type.  We will help you in deciding what style of bag will work with your fabric.  If you have your own fabric, or scrap of fabric from a dressmaking project, please send us a photo of the fabric or a fabric swatch along with letting us know the type of fabric e.g. satin, cotton, leatherette.  We will then discuss with you the design options for your new bag
  5.  Let us take care of the rest!! 
    • Once we have all of the information above, we will work our magic to come up with a design to suit your requirements.  We may send you photos and / or fabric swatches to help us along the way.  Once the design is finalised, we will send you an order link to confirm and pay for your order.  As soon as its all confirmed, we will endevour to get your bag made and shipped to you as quick as we can.

Contact us today for your own unique clutch bag! 


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